Cooled Multifunctional Telescope Wolf320|Wolf640

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Wolf320|Wolf640 are composed of cooled infrared thermal imaging components, high-definition visible light, GPS, electronic compass and eye-safe laser ranging module. Equipped with 6X infrared continuous zoom lens and 10X visible light continuous zoom lens, the imaging quality is excellent; the design is compact and lightweight, and the HMI is friendly. The telescope can easily measure and locate the target, greatly improve the effectiveness of 24h reconnaissance and provide rich reconnaissance information.

Main Features

◆ High resolution infrared + high definition visible light, work all day, anti-strong light interference, strong concealment
◆ GPS+ electronic compass + eye-safe laser rangefinder, accurately locate the target
◆ High-definition binocular OLED, 1280×1024
◆ Built-in WIFI module, wireless video transmission and control
◆ Friendly HMI, easy operation

Item Wolf320 Wolf640
Thermal imaging performance
Type MCT Cooled
Resolution 320×256 640×512
Pixel pitch 30um 15um
Spectral range 3~5μm
NETD/Sensitivity ≤20mK ≤25mK
Focal length 40mm~240mm continuous zoom
FOV 13.7° × 10.8°~2.3°× 1.8° (±5%)
Focusing Electric focus/auto focus
Visible light performance
Resolution 1440×1080
Focal length 18mm~180mm continuous zoom
FOV 17.1°x12.8°~1.7°x1.3°
Minimum illumination 0.001Lux
Positioning function
GPS Accuracy (RMS): Lng&Lat: 5m, elevation: 10m
Electronic compass Accuracy, pan: ±0.6°, tilt: ±0.3°
Laser Ranging finder Wavelength 1550nm (eye safety)
Range 20m~5Km Range 50m~10Km
3Km (2.3mx2.3m vehicle) 6Km (2.3mx2.3m vehicle)
Accuracy, ±2m
Target Location ≤30m(8Km)
Image function
Display Binocular OLED, 1280×1024, adjustable diopter
Image enhancement DDE, image filtering
Polarity/LUT mode Black hot/White hot
Contrast/Brightness Auto/Manual adjustable
Electronic Zoom 1×, 2×, 4×
Storage Built-in 32GB storage
WIFI Built-in WIFI, video transmission and control
Power interface Yes
Video output PAL
Communication Interface RS232
Data interface USB2.0
Power System
Battery type Rechargeable lithium battery
Operating time >5h continuous (normal temperature)
External power DC:12V~30V
Environment Parameters
Operating temperature range -40℃~+60℃
Storage temperature range -45℃~+70℃
Encapsulation IP67
Physical data
Size (without eye mask) 320mm×232mm×115mm 299mm×219mm×112mm
Weight (with battery) ≤4.0Kg ≤3.6Kg
Operating distance  
Detect human(1.7m×0.5m) 4Km 8Km
Recognize human(1.7m×0.5m) 1.3Km 2.5Km
Detect vehicle(2.3m×2.3m) 9Km 13Km
Recognize vehicle(2.3m×2.3m) 3Km 5Km
Standard Infrared thermal imaging telescope, 8 batteries, charger, control line, warranty card, user manual, certificate, transportation box



Applicatons: Law enforcement, Search and rescue, Reconnaissance, Patrol

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