Airborne UV Imaging Camera TD20U

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The TD20U Airborne UV Imaging Camera is equipped with solar-blind, high-sensitivity UV camera and HD visible light camera, which can accurately overlay the whole area, accurately locate the discharge position, and has strong anti-interference ability. It is completely free from the influence of sunlight and is able to work all day. It has a wide field of view, with compact and light size. Combined with UAV inspection, close-range monitoring can be achieved to detect small defects and faults, providing effective help for preventive inspections of substations and high-voltage transmission lines.

Main Features

◆ High sensitivity up to 3.0×10-18watt/cm2
◆ Noise interference is small, using solar-blind detector
◆ Accurate superposition and positioning of the whole area of ultraviolet and visible light
◆ Wide field of view, 18°×13.5°
◆ Synchronous focusing of ultraviolet and visible light
◆ Small size, light weight, easy to operate

Item TD20U
UV-Optical properties
Minimum UV sensitivity 3.0×10-18watt/cm2
Minimum discharge detection 1.0pC@10m
Spectral range 240~280nm
FOV 18°×13.5°
Amplification 1-4X Continuous zoom
Focus range 3m~∞
Detector life span No degradation
Visible light optical properties
Minimum visible light sensitivity 0.1Lux
Resolution 1080P, 1920×1080
Focus Auto/manual
Focus range 1m~∞
Amplification 10X optical zoom, 4X digital zoom
Pan & Tilt
PTZ Controllable rotation range Tilt:+30°to -120°, yaw: ±320
Control accuracy <0.15°
Protection level IP44(Pan & Tilt)
Size 128×140×145mm
Image Performance
Mode Display UV images only/Display visible light images only/Combination of visible light and UV light
Overlay precision ≤1mrad
UV imaging angular resolution ≤5mrad
Corona color White, red, green, yellow, purple
Image storage
Image resolution 960×720
Image format JPEG
Video format AVI
Media download USB(external)
Storage Maximum 16G
Communication protocol TD20U-Protocol, MAVlink, S. BUS(bus)
Communication Interface DJI SkyPort V2
USB Type-C
Power System
Power input DC: 13.6V(DJI X-Port)
Power consumption 8W
Environment Parameters
Operating temperature range -20℃~+50℃
Storage temperature range -25℃~+60℃
Humidity 90%(non-condensing)
Protection level IP42
Physical data
Size 112mm×80mm×55mm
Weight ≤410g
Suitable model DJI M200, M300

 Applications: Power industry; Electrified railway; Research institutions


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