Thermal Imaging Cores TC300|TC700

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TC300|TC700 are the thermal imaging camera cores with advanced reliable shutter, it can provide stable and high-quality thermal images and videos. Small structure design, which is suitable for fixed focus lens within 50mm. It can be easily integrated into security and surveillance systems with low requirements for space and distance changes.

Main Features

◆ 12μm pixel pitch, NETD≤35mK
◆ 25Hz/50Hz imaging frequency, start-up <6S
◆ IVE technology, clear image
◆ Multiple correction methods (auto/manual/background)
◆ Customizable interfaces

Item TC300 TC700
Detector Data
Material Vox
IR resolution 384 x 288 640 x 512
Pixel pitch 12μm
Spectral range 8~14μm
NETD/Sensitivity <35mK
Lens Data
Lens(optional) Fixed focus lens below 50mm (customizable)
Image Performance
Image enhancement IVE image enhancement algorithm
Frequency 25Hz/50Hz
Amplification 1X, 2X, 4X, 8X
Polarity/LUT mode Black hot/White hot/Red hot
Startup time <6s
Image gain Auto/Manual
Focusing Manual focusing
Cross cursor Switchable
Primary electrical connector 33pin+4pin
Control UART
Digital video output 8-bit BT.656, YUN+RAW
Power System
Working voltage DC:+2.5V ~ +5V
Power consumption 0.8W 1.2W
Reverse polarity protection Yes
Over&Under voltage protection Yes
Environment Parameters
Operating temperature range -40℃ ~ +70℃, <90%RH
Storage temperature range -45℃ ~ +85℃, <90%RH
Impact resistance 800g/1ms
Vibration 5~200Hz, 1.5g, 30 minutes in each of the three direction
Physical data
Size 24mm x 24mm x 35mm
Weight <25g(without lens)
Lens interface M25 x 0.5mm, M34 x 0.75mm
Standard hermal imaging core, interface cable, user manual of CD, warranty card, calibration certificate

Applications: Secondary development of small thermal imaging camera; Telescope and sight; Helmet; Infrared camera


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