Thermal Imaging Cores TC300G|TC700G

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TC300G|TC700G are the thermal imaging camera cores with advanced reliable shutter, it can provide stable and high-quality thermal images and videos. It is suitable for lenses of various specifications and can be easily integrated into security and surveillance systems.

Main Features

◆ 17μm pixel pitch, NETD≤30mK
◆ 25Hz/50Hz imaging frequency, 5s for start-up
◆ 15 pseudo colors
◆ IVE technology, clear image
◆ Customizable interfaces

Item TC300G TC700G
Detector Data
Material aSi
IR resolution 384 x 288 640 x 512
Pixel pitch 17μm
Spectral range 8~14μm
NETD/Sensitivity <30mK
Lens Data
Lens(optional) 35mm, 50mm, 75mm Athermal lens, motorized lens, zoom lens, duel FOV lens(customizable)
Image Performance
Image enhancement IVE image enhancement algorithm
Frequency 25Hz/50Hz
Amplification 2X, 4X
Polarity/LUT mode Black hot/White hot
Startup time 5s
Image gain Auto/Manual
Focusing Manual/Motor(Need lens support)
Cross cursor Switchable
Primary electrical connector 30pin, 4pin(Focusing), 4pin(Zoom)
Control RS232
Digital video output BT.656, YUV+14BIT RAW
Power System
Working voltage DC: +10V ~ +14V
Power consumption 1.2W 1.6W
Reverse polarity protection Yes
Over&Under voltage protection Yes
Environment Parameters
Operating temperature range -40℃ ~+70℃
Storage temperature range -45°C ~+85℃
Impact resistance 700g; 1msec
Physical data
Size 40mm x 41mm x 48mm
Weight <86g(without lens)
Mounting Four M2x0.4, 1/4"-20
Lens interface M25 x 0.5mm, M34 x 0.75mm
Standard Thermal imaging core, interface cable, user manual of CD, warranty card, calibration certificate

Applications: Telescope; Thermal image pan&tilt; Shipborne, vehicle-mounted, airborne; Photoelectric turntable, pod


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