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ULIRVISION TD100 is an innovative NDT - Non Destructive Testing equipment, which detects, pinpoints and documents flash-arc corona and arcing partial discharge camera. Being with high sensitivity, it is a power tool to detect UV emission in full daylight with high signals from faraway and nearby sources. TD100 is an ideal predictive maintenance device for overhead transmission lines and high voltage substations. It is widely used in Transmission line inspection, electrical utilities, HV research institutes, HV Electrical component inspection, HV panel inspection, service providers, laboratories and so on.

Main Features
◆ High sensitivity up to 2.2 × 10-18watt / cm2
◆ Noise interference is small, using solar-blind detector
◆ Accurate superposition and positioning of the whole area of ultraviolet and visible light
◆ Hand-held inspection, easy to complete the inspection
◆ Synchronous focusing of ultraviolet and visible light
◆ SD card online upgrade function
◆ High integration and low power consumption
◆ Professional report analysis software, more conducive to on-site situation analysis
◆ Small size, light weight, easy to operate


Item TD100
UV – Optical Properties
UV sensitivity 2.2×10-18watt/cm2
Minimum discharge detection 1.0pC@15m
Minimum RIV sensitivity 3.6 dBμV @ 1MHz
Spectral range 240-280nm
FOV 6.4° x 4.8°
Focus Auto/Manual(Follow visible light)
Zoom 2X
Focus range 1.5m~∞
Detector life span No degradation
Visible – Optical Properties
Minimum visible light sensitivity 0.1 Lux
Color Auto switch between color and BW
Focus Auto/Manual
Focus range 1m~∞
Zoom 12x(Digital), 10x(Optical)
Image Performance
LCD screen Visible LCD screen 5” touch screen under sunlight, 1280×720
Image modes Display only ultraviolet light image/display only visible light image/combination of visible light and ultraviolet light
UV/Visible overlay accuracy ≤1mrad
Status indicators Battery power, gain, photons, date, focusing mode, stacking module, GPS
User configuration settings Corona color (White, Red , Green, Yellow, Purple) , Time, Sleep Mode, Alarm threshold
Image Storage
Image format JPG
Video format AVI
Media download Via Card Reader, USB
Audio Sync with video/Note in picture
Playback Video/Pictures/Audio
SD card Maximum 32G
Software upgrade SD card online upgrade
Storage capacity 1000+ images or >1 hr video/1GB
Control& Operation
Working modes Real time, standby, off
Control inputs Key, touch screen, USB (optional)
Output Interface
Video output HDMI
Micro USB Micro interface, video direct transmission, communication
Bluetooth/WIFI Yes
Tripod 1/4”-20
Power System
External power DC: 9V~12V
Battery type Lithium battery (rechargeable)
Operation runtime 4h continuous (normal temperature)
Power consumption 10W
Mains adaptor AC:110V~240V or DC: 50Hz~60Hz/12V 3.8A
Environmental Data
Operation temp range -20℃~+50℃
Storage temp range -25 ℃~+60℃
Humidity 90% (non-condense)
Encapsulation IP54
Physical Characteristics
Size 290mm×136mm×87mm
Weight 1.39kg
Standard Corona camera, battery, charger, SD card, SD card reader, video cable, USB cable, adapter, USB flash drive, safety box, headset manual, warranty card, certificate
Option Tripod
Quality assurance
EMC CE, IEC1010-1

Applications: Transmission line inspection; Electrical utilities inspection; HV substations;
HV research institutes; HV electrical component inspection


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