Thermal Imaging Binoculars Wolf60

Item Code: Wolf60 640 x 480 pixels

Categories: Thermal Night Vision - Thermal Imaging Binocular

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ULIRVISION Wolf60 allow users to detect people, weapons and animals in any harsh environment such as total darkness, haze, dust, sleet, forest, grass, disguise, etc., turning night to day.
Wolf60 are widely used in the night observaton and surveillance for soldiers, commanders, armed policemen and other law enforcers.

Main Features

◆ 640×480 FPA detector
◆ Built-in DMC,GPS for Wolf70
◆ Built-in 4G SD card for recording videos and images, external video output
◆ High-definiton binocular OLED,800×600
◆ MIL-STD-810F standard

Item Wolf60
Detector Data
Detector type Uncooled FPA detector
Detector material Asi
IR resolution 640×480
Pixel pitch 17um
Spectral range 8~14um
Detector frequency 50Hz
Sensitivity 60mk@30℃
Time to image 4s
Image Performance
NUC Shutter correction
Noise reduction Digital filtering
E-zoom 2×、4×
Polarity Black hot/White hot
Video output PAL or NTSC
Gain adjustment Manual
Micro-display adjustment Brightness
Display 800×600 binocular OLED
Video recording Built-in 4G SD card for recording videos and images
Optical Performance
Focus distance 75mm
Lens type Manual
Eye relief 25mm
Diopter -6 ~ +4
Batteries 6pcs rechargeable AA batteries
Battery operation time >5hrs, normal temperature
Positioning Function
Laser ranging N/A
Multi-cable aviation plug Power interface
Video output(PAL)
Environmental Data
Operating temperature range -20℃~+50℃
Storage temperature range -45℃~+70℃
Encapsulation IP67
Shock & Vibration & EMC 1m drop resistance
Physical Data
Weight ≤1.3kg
Size 180mm*145mm*86mm


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