Ulirvision showed in Eurosatory2016.Paris

The 25th Eurosatory Exhibition on Defense and Security 2016(Eurosatory2016) was held in Paris,France, on June 13–17, 2016, which is one of the biggest security and defense exhibition in the world. And it was perfectly ended on June 17 along with praises from exhibitors and buyers.

Ulirvision, as one of the largest thermal security system solution supplier in China, comprehensively demonstrated thermal imaging scope and detecting security system, thermal imaging cores(640X480 pixels) and driver’s vision enhancer on this exhibition, shown the infinite charm of thermal imaging to everyone.Among them, the thermal imaging cores are among the most compacted,light-weight modules for integration .Conceiving the sophisticated innovative shutterless technology for thermal imager, TC490&790 debuted at world-class expo.

Integrators from different industries such security, UAV and thermal imagers will witness the high level compatibility.

Venus/Eagle/Selina/Wolf are electro-optic are rugged devices for law enforcement, and civilian use. The devices incorporate more than 5 years of advanced research into its sleek, ergonomic design and are direct result of feedback we have received from tactical users around the world.

While most are reiterating the labor-oriented products by making use of diligent partners. Ulirvision plunged itself into the most advanced electro-optic field.EO/IR camera and online monitoring system are triumph of our research team.

This exhibition was successful held and it can improve the intelligent development of security industry. The potential of thermal imagers in security industry is getting more and more outstanding. Keep watching Ulirvision, let`s see the different world together.

Ulirvision attracted many customers, project dealers and integrators of thermal security,To meet different customers’ need, Ulirvision took multiple thermal imaging sights and thermal imaging cores. It includes thermal night vision scope Eagle40 and high resolution 640x480 pix core TC690. Our products have good imaging performance and support long working time with powerful function, which successfully attracts the customers’ attention. They are very optimistic about the development of Ulirvision in global market and express the intention to closely cooperate with Ulirvision.

Through this exhibition, Ulirvision gets a lots of inquires,meanwhile,some well-known enterprises also visited our booth to communicate deeply about our technology and expressed the willingness of cooperation.Ulirvision enhanced further the brand image in the international market and built a good foundation to develop global market in the future.

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