Exquisite Little Structural

E350D / E650D

Thermal Imaging Riflescopes


Exquisite Structural Design

The design is lightweight, with a comfortable eye relief; the structure is strong and reliable, With better impact resistance, which can withstand 1000g/0.4ms impact. At the same time, it supports RAV recording (recoil recording) to record wonderful moments.

Laser Ranging 1200m

Higher accuracy, longer distance, smaller error.The built-in high-precision laser ranging module can achieve accurate ranging of 1200 meters, and the target distance can be easily obtained.

IP67 Waterproof and Dustproof

Rugged, rigorously tested, quality assured, effectively prevent rain and dust penetration.

Dual Field Of View

25mm: global search, 50mm: presenting details,Switch with one hand, gently rotate to enjoy 2x optical magnification, and fully experience "one shot to the end"


Detector 384x288,12μm 640x512,12μm
Frame rate 50Hz 50Hz
NETD ≤ 25mk ≤ 25mk
Lens 25mm/50mm 25mm/50mm
Field of View 10.5°x7.9°/5.3°x3.9° 17.5°x13.1°/8.8°x6.6°
Detection Range 1280/2600m 1280/2600m
Digital Zoom 1X/2X/4X 1X/2X/4X/8X
Storage 32G 32G
Operating Temperature/Humidity -20°C~55°C,90% -20°C~55°C,90%
Dimension 212x66x90(mm) 212x66x90(mm)
Weight 750g 750g