Our Mission:

Through consistent and ongoing research and development, ULIRVISION is achieving increasing recognitions for our high-quality thermal imaging solutions to our customers that meet and exceed the needs of their particular applications. ULIRVISION is offering limitless stage for employees' development, returning shareholders' long-term profit and  protecting our earth environment with our thermal imaging system technology.


Ulivrsion would like to share the following values:

Integrity and honesty. ULIRVISION is obeying legal conditions to develop our business in the countries and districts around the world.
Participation of all ULIRVISIONese. Corporation social responsibility is all ULIRVISIONse responsibility; we need to consider that corporation social responsibility and the business are closely linked to our consciousness, activities and results.
Cooperated development. ULIRVISION is improvng communication and cooperation with customers, partners, shareholders, and employees to recognize their wishes and needs to achieve ongoing development together.
Focus on the world. ULIRVISION is paying more attention to socail and environmental problems around the world as the international enterprise.

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